Grass Effect Photo

Grass Effect Photo

Photoshop Tutorials For this I will try to make a photo to be beautiful and good in the view, after making the previous tutorial I want to make this a ... Beda with previous Tuturial this easier to do in the new beginner to learn Photoshop.

Step 1

You open the image in the edit
Photoshop Tutorials

Step 2

Select the Selective Color.
Being Green and Change.
Then you set,
Grass Effect Photo

Step 3

Duplicat Layer, and a Change Blending Mode Color
Photoshop Tutorials

Step 4

Repeat 2 but Langh to Change the color yellow, and set:
Change the Blending Mode and become a Color
Grass Effect Photo

and you can see the results

Photoshop Tutorials

Grass Effect Photo

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