Trick Photoshop Learn Quickly

For this meeting I will discuss on how to quickly learn photoshop ..?
you may still feel beginners learning complicated but it is not the case that should be in fear Him because I will discuss here ..

the first step

we first provide a tasty food that mix inspiration .. he,, he

second step

we open the program photoshop

third step

we need more tools to the ad in photoshop.
with a view to try or use carea tool.
But the selection must be known to the image by using the marquee tool or the magic of a kind that is more effective when we use the pen tool when the color image is complex.

This is a very efficient way and right on target.
photoshop can be used to change the things that have become ad tidsak depending inspiration from ourselves.
we often play with in photoshop we will know quickly and easily mengoprasikannya.
points 1 and 2 is very important and helps to learn to know more of the photoshop.

hopefully useful tricks that I have .. if you can not understand you post a comment in the comment ... happy and successful attempt keyyyy .. ..!!!!

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