Effect Abstract Wallpapers

Effect Abstract Wallpapers

For this Photoshop tutorial I will create Effect Abstract Wallpapers, Tutorial for beginners and all who have master's, easy enough for those of you who like Photoshop and want to become our master Photoshop with just the things that are easy because the first thing that will easily become an way to become a Master Photoshop, where after I create a posting on Download New Adobe Photoshop CS4 keygen now I will make the articles Photoshop tutorials, and let us carefully and follow this tutorial:

Step 1

Create a new document 500x500 px with baground Black.

Step 2

Duplicat Layer Baground and Select Gradient Tool and Change Become Radial Gradient, like the image below:
Photoshop Tutorial

Step 3

Select Filter> Distort> Wave, and set:
Effect Abstract Wallpapers

Step 4

Select Filter> Distort> TWIRL, and set:
Photoshop Tutorial

Step 5

Ctrl U for color, you can see the settings,
Effect Abstract Wallpapers

Step 6

Duplicat Layer,Click right Vertical and Set the color with the Ctrl + U and you're set and change the Blending mode to be Differents,

Step 7

Ctrl + E to merge layers and Duplicat Right Click Layer Vertical.

Font for Express ilutrasi you can so that you become a good image, and you can see the results:
Photoshop Tutorial

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