Creating Effect CooL

The lovers have long waiting photoshop how to make your own computer screen baground a cool ..???
naah for this tutorial I will discuss the making.

Step 1

we create a new layer 800x600

Step 2

Select the Gradient tool and change the color to be blue da Black, Change Gradient Radial gradient becomes, View Picture Below ..

Step 3

We Go to Layer Create Layer

Step 4

Select Filter> Render> clouds

Step 5

select Filter> Render> Difference Clouds, use Ctrl F to add Filter.
Change a layer to overlay, See the picture below:

will look like the image below:

Step 6

Create a Text Tutorial Photoshop

Step 7
Change Rotasinya be 90 degrees cw

Step 8

Note that the layer is still active in writing, choose Filter> Stylize> Wind.

And set as the picture below:

Step 9

return the original position, such as text, and change into overlay such as step 5.

Nahh now so dech baground make our computers ..
Very Easy eh ..

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