Vortex effect

Tutorial 1 is for this I will make a cool handle, easy for the youth of the new beginners (like me) he .. hee .. compared to the tutorial before its, this more challenging to try ..! Let's movement to create this tutorial ..!!!

Step 1

we make the size 800x600 New Layer, make sure that the default color black white.

Step 2

Color Baground its use pint bucket tool.

Step 3

Select Filter> Clouds

Step 4

Select Filter> Difference Clouds.

Step 5

Select Image> Adjusment> Invert to invert the color.

Step 6

Select the image>adjusment> Level, as set below:

Step 7

Select Image> Adjusment> Color Balance, you set the appropriate color you want.Here I use the color green.

Step 8

Pili Filter>Blur> Gaussian blur, change the Amount to be 38.

Step 8

Press Ctrl + j to duplicate the layer baground
And we remember in the active layer Bagroun Copy.

Step 9

Change Blending Mode to be lighten.

Step 10

Select Filter> Distort> TWIRL, change into 290.

Then press Ctrl + E to unify the baground.

Step 11

Ctrl j to duplicate Baground More and do not forget, such as step 9.

Step 12

Select Filter> Distort> TWIRL, change Becoming -600.

It is finished tutorialnya dech.
For optimal results more repeat Step 9,10,11,12. oke salam ..!!! success .....

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