Effect Text Fire

For this time I will make any posts of fire and very easy for beginners to learn, rather than the previous way is more easy and quick, let's try tutorialnya.

Step 1

we create a 600x400 layer as usual baground black foreground and white.

Step 2

Its black on baground using paint bucket tool. (As)

Step 3

Create up to you in writing this tutorial I use any posts GOCING.

Step 4

change rotasinya be 90 degrees.

Step 5

Select Filter> styliz> wind.

Control f effeck to add.

Step 6

after we filter before, we change rotasinya be 180 degrees to the lower effeck.
Repeat steps 5 .
Step 7

Return the rotation as they are.

Step 8

Select filter> Liquify.

Step 9

Select Image> Mode> indexed Color.dan set as below.

Step 10

Select the image> Andjusment> Hue Satuaration.

so finally naaaHh dech ..!!!

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