With Channel Selection

Photoshop tutorial on how to make the selection using the channel. Techniques such as this can result in the selection will be more accurately compared with the usual selection of tools, such as the lasso and magic Wand. How to use more complicated than usual selection.

Step of making a selection using the Channel

Step 1

After the image was opened with Photoshop, select the Channel menu (Window> Channels).

Step 2

Channel Select the color contrast. Contrast is a contrast here is between the background color with the object that you want are. The selected channel does not have to like the example image below, but depending on the condition that the image you selected.

Step 3

Duplicate / Duplicate channel is the most contrast, with the interesting name of a channel to the Create New Channel icon.

Step 4

Make this Channel so that black and white slab.
To make a dark color:
Choose the Burn tool, with the Range = Shadow; Exposure small, disapukan in the picture.
To make the white:
Choose the Dodge tool, with the Range = Highlights; Exposure small, disapukan in the picture.
Image area on the other, can use the Brush tool with the disapukan with black and white.

Step 5

The principle use of this channel, if the color black will be the area that is not terseleksi, while the white areas will be the selection. Because the condition of this picture is inverted color back then we used to select the menu Image> adjustment> Invert.
If the color image is not reversed, the above step does not need to be done.

Step 6

Click the icon Load channel as selection. Then click the RGB Channel.

Selection is made, we return to the live layer palette and ready to use images that are already in accordance with this desire and our creativity.

Congratulations photoshop tutorial attempts to create a selection with this channel.

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