Photo Effect Tutorial Tear

Photoshop Tutorial is now an example to show the image design, as an example of making an effect on the image. The goal is to create an image effect that terobek part. On this image I use my own photos are still long-haired first time (around the end of the year 2005). My hair began to elongate after graduating college, want to marry a new haircut. This first photo I take with a tripod in the room.

On this picture, I cut the image into two parts with the selection and location layernya modified so that separate visible. To create the impression I give more dramatic shadow effect.

Creating Photo Effects Step tear

Step 1
Open a picture that you want it with Photoshop.

Step 2
Make a selection on the image using the lasso tool. Make a selection in order to cut off part of the picture to one edge (piye ki le ra ngomongke clear), more details can be seen in the picture illustrated tutorial below.

Step 3
Save the selection, by selecting the menu Select> Save Selection.

Step 4
Select the channel selection on the palette channel.

Step 5
Select the menu Filter> Pixelate> Crystalize. Fill in the value of 3 (size can be adjusted alone, but if the slider digeser minimum fixed charge 3). Click OK. Goal is to make the step edge to be uneven selection automatically.

Step 6
Click the icon Load channel as selection.

Step 7
Click the RGB channel. Step 6 and 7 this purpose so that we return to the channel as early but already have a selection that does not rata.Langkah 8
Press Ctrl + j, the aim to create a duplicate of the snippet selection.

Step 9
Click the Background layer (which is still the original image and the hoof). Press Ctrl + J. This will make the Background copy layer.

Step 10
Ctrl + click on the name of layer 1 (which is a layer of discount). The active layer is still on the Background copy layer.

Step 11
Now press the Delete key. This is to clear the area which is in the selection process. Then remove the selection, by choosing the menu Select> Deselect.

Step 12
Click or select the Background layer. Fill this layer with white. How to select the menu Edit> Fill. On the Use = White, Opacity = 100%.

Step 13
Activate or select layer 1. Set the size and position by choosing the menu Edit> Free Transform. So also with the Background copy layer.

Step 14
To increase the effect of the hole, can ditambahi with shadow effects. On this tutorial I use Photoshop Layer> Layer style> drop shadow.

Note: If you want the whole image can be displayed so that the terputar earlier in step 13 does not seem cut off, how do you select the menu Image> Reveal All.Berikut this picture of the effect of making the image tear.

Congratulations and try to create with Photoshop.

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