Effect Star Abstract

Effeck Star Abstrak

for this tutorial I will make the Effect star abstract, this tutorial is quite easy to learn for all people, you may be bored at home can make in photoshop for this study will be more useful for you, let's try this tutorial.

Step 1

you create a new document 800x600 with the foreground baground black and white.

Step 2

Select the gradient and change into Diamond Gradient, See picture below:
Tutorial Photoshop

Step 3

Select Filter> Distort> TWIRL,change into 397 degress.
Tutorial Photoshop

Step 4

Select the image> adjusment> hue / saturations and set,
Effeck Star Abstrak
Step 5

Select the Brush and set like the picture below.
Tutorial Photoshop

Step 6

Select and Arrange curved path such as a picture.
Effeck Star Abstrak

Step 7

If you are in the selection Select clik right Stroke path, then go out and replace the box following a brush.
Tutorial Photoshop

And repeat steps 6 and 7 so that it becomes the image below, you can next to it with the previous tutorial-tutorial.
Effeck Star Abstrak

Tutorial Photoshop

Good Luck.....!!!

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