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Tutorial Photoshop

For this tutorial I will create a solid rotation associated with the previous tutorial, this is very easy for beginners and obliged to try it out,
For those of you who may not know about photoshop can make it, only by following the steps below:

Step 1

Create a new document 800x600, created baground with the color black.

Step 2

Select Filter> render> Lens Flare, a value 100.
Vortex Compact

Tutorial Photoshop

Step 3

Select Filter> Distort> TWIRL, Create a 939 degrees.
Tutorial Photoshop

Step 4

Select Filter> Sketch> bas relief,leave the default settings.
Vortex Compact

Step 5

Select the image> adjusment> Hue / saturations, and set:
Tutorial Photoshop

and you can see the finally results.
Good luck .(^_^)
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