Spiral Effect

This tutorial makes Spiral Effect, this tutorial is not much different from the previous tutorial ..!

Step 1

We create a document 800x600, and we baground with Black color.

Step 2

Select Filter> Render> lens Flare.

Step 3

More Select Filter> Render> Les Flare.

Step 4

Select Filter> Distort> TWIRL and set.

Step 5

Ctrl + j To Duplicat layer, then set rotasinya be 90 degrees and change the Blending mode to become the screen.

Justify and use the erase tool.

Step 6

CTR + E to merge with baground, then CTR + J to Duplicat Baground
and change the Blending mode into overlay.

Step 7

Ctrl + E to merge the baground,then select Filter> Distort> Glass.

Step 8

Ctrl + J to duplicat layer Blending Mode to change and become overlayand change rotasinya be 180 degrees..

Step 9

Select the image> Adjusment> hue / saturations.

and you see the results.

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