Effect Abstrack

For this tutorial I create an abstract design, for beginners as we may be easy to make this design ..! He .. he ..

Step 1

We create a new document 800x600, and we make baground become black.

Step 2

Press Ctrl + j for Duplicat layer.

Step 3
Select Filter> Render> Lens Flare, Change a Movie Prime and Brigtness set to become 131%.

Step 4

Select Filter> Render> Distort> TWIRL, and set to be 50.

Step 5

Ctrl + T and set up like the picture below.

Step 6

Ctrl + j to Duplicat layer, and set the rotation to be 90 degrees, and change the Blending mode to become the screen.

Step 7

Ctrl + E To unify layer, CTR + j duplicat layer to it.

Step 8

Change the rotation to be duplicat layer 45 degrees, and set the Blending mode to be a screen, such as step 6 and ctrl + E to unify layer.

Step 9

Then Ctrl + E again to unify with Baground.

Step 10

Select Filter> Artistic> Plastic warp, and set:

Step 11

Select the image> Adjusment> Hue / saturations, and set:

You can see the result ....
Cool eh ..!

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