Make a Flag waver Indonesia

For this Tutorial I attempt to make Indonesia Flag fly!
but before the first save the image under this cloth.
And name knotted cloth.

Step 1

We open the file in photoshop cloth before, and then save the extensi PSD (photoshop).
do not close earlier because of cloth kusutnya will later in life.

Step 2

Dokement open a new 600x800, then use selection rechtangular marquee tool and give it the color red.

Step 3

Select Filter Distort> Dispalce.

After you will be OK There is a picture, you select the PSD cloth that you have saved earlier (step 1).

Step 4

Drag the image knotted cloth (jpg) into a flag.

Step 5

Ctrl + shift + U to make a grayscale color.

Step 6

This last step is to create a perfect image benderanya, Change Blending Mode Becoming Hard Light.

And the results will eventually be like this.

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