Effect Red Glass Photo

Effeck Red Glass Photo

To this tutorial photoshop I will create Effect Red Glass Photo to friends can also download the PSD file from this tutorial. for beginners can follow the steps here because Tutorial Photoshop is very easy and the results satisfactory .... hehehehe ... 3x

Step 1

You open the file in Photo Editing, Photo Here I use a china artist beautiful and sweet ... hehehehe ... 2x
Effeck Red Glass Photo

Step 2

You Duplicat photo, press the Ctrl + j.

Step 3

Select Filter> texture> Staned Glass. Set then you like this:
Tutorial Photoshop
change the Blending Mode to become Exclussion.
Effeck Red Glass Photo

Step 4

Back to Baground and then copy the layer, and set its position.
Tutorial photoshop

Step 5

Ctrl + U ,Remember we are still in the active layer Baground Copy,and set:
Effeck Red Glass Photo

Step 6

Duplicat baground (Ctrl J), select Filter> Distort > Shear, and set:
Tutorial photoshop
Hide all layers except layer baground 2.
and delete the part that is not important as the picture below.
Effeck Red Glass Photo
and change the Blending mode to become Luminosity.

open all layers of the hide and you can see the results.

Hopefully Success

Download PSD

for Tutorial Photoshop below the files you can download the PSD here.

Tutorial Photoshop

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