Effect Abstract Dancer

Effeck Abstrack Dancer

To this tutorial photoshop I will create Effeck Abstract Dancer, For this tutorial I can inspiration from the dancer in the clubs in indonesia, and I try to buy in order to create from photoshop, in fact not difficult even beginners can try this tutorial, to more clearly follow the following steps:

Step 1

you create a new document 800x600, with baground Blackback To previous tutorial.

Step 2

Select Filter> Render> Lens Flare, and set as the image below:
Tutorial Photoshop

Step 3

Select Filter> Distort> Wave, and the Set:
Effeck Abstrack Dancer

Step 4

Duplicat Layer Baground, then Ctrl + U To give color,
Tutorial photoshop

Step 5

Layer Duplicat Copy, then select Filter> Distot> Zigzag, And Change Blending Mode to be set Screen.Untu Can Zigzag View Below:
Effeck Abstrack Dancer

And you can be the result Tutorial Photoshop.
Effeck Abstrack Dancer

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