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I realize that most of the visitors of this blog comes from the designers who often spend on web design, business card design and poster design. That is all well and good, but if you know that you can also make money by offering the entire process of printing and design as a package than the only offer the design?

I thought, why put people out, especially designers, is the fact that manage, prepare and deliver the print which is considered difficult to talk. When it is not true. You can use a company such as easier for your poster printing or in cd cover printing is very easy and can more often than not, charge your clients already have cost to do so. Your client will probably not want to spend time to search for printers and more than likely will reward handsomely, if you can do the design work and print in one package

Anyway, just another perspective for you guys. I know if I can order the whole package than just the design end, I will. It is more shameful that the designer does not offer a complete service. I am sure they will get more business.

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