Text Effect Photos

Tutorial photoshop

For this tutorial I try to make a Text Effect Photos, For more details you follow the tutorial below so that it does not do this and try to be ... hehehe ...

Step 1

you create a new layer 480x640 with black baground, then write your text as you wish, here I use Tutorial gocing.
> swap
Tutorial photoshop and corel draw

Step 2

Now open the photo file you want to edit, here I use my own photo,

Text Efeect Photos

Step 3

Click Layer> New adjustment Layer> posterize,
Text Effect Photos

Step 4

and press CTRL + SHIFT + U or CLICK image> adjustment> desaturate to make the image so black and white .. (Do not forget to layer still in the background.)
and this is the positions layer.

Step 5

Drag the layer baground earlier writings on the photo to edit, and position as the layer below,
Tutorial photoshop

Step 6

Hide the text layer it .. and click on the background layer. Click Select> Color Range. Setting as below:
Text Effect Photos

Step 7

Turn on more layer to its text and press DELETE button.
Tutorial photoshop

Once finished you can see the results of my prayers ... good luck.

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