Blood Ripple Effect

Tutorial Photoshop

To this tutorial photoshop I will create a Blood Ripple Effect, Some Effeck before, including in this kategory Effeck abstrack, to all who want to make this tutorial photoshop can follow the steps below, but the previously prepared food that is not light saturated he2x ...

Step 1

Create a new document 450 x 230,
Press D to reset your palette colors.
Make the background Black,
Blood Ripple Effect

Step 2

Select Filter> Render> Lens Flare, and so Set became the image below:
Tutorial Photoshop

Step 3

Ctrl + j to Duplicate, then change the Blending Mode Screen become.

Step 4

Choose Filter> Sketch> Bas Relief,
Details: 15
Smoothness: 15
Light: Bottom
Blood Ripple Effect

Step 5

Select Filter> Artistic> Plastick Warp,
Highlight Strength: 20
Details: 15
Smoothness : 14
Tutorial Photoshop

Step 6

On The Bottom Layer

Choose Filter> Sketch> Chrome,
Highlight Strength: 20
Details: 10
Smoothness: 2
Blood Ripple Effect

Step 7

Back to Baground Copy And Blending Mode Color Burn, and Ctrl + U for Hue / Saturations and Set,
Tutorial Photoshop

And You See Result...!!!

Blood Ripple Effect

GOOD LUCK...(^_^)

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