Fenomena Photo Manipulation

Tutorial Photoshop
Phenomena photo manipulation or engineering of the artists in this once we hear often in both newspaper and infotainment, and everything is very unreasonable. Start from the naked photos to malign the image of the artist have a deviation or sexual orientation are still many more. How do we as a community respond Photoshop phenomena that are in the land of hot water is indonesia?

Manipulating images with Photoshop are the usual things you can do a lot of people outside because there is software that one is a 'potent weapon' to do that. But we need to realize that all that is in the world is like a knife that can be used for something good or misused for things that are not good and certainly harm other people. That is why even though we remain happy to manipulate the image we just need to follow the ethics and norms that apply. Clear that until we do not harm other people especially to create the images do not necessarily like the case of Indonesia artis naked photos recently.

Take advantage of existing technology for the positive things and not hurt anyone. A fraudulent origin may have limitations which we can not make other people feel disturbed.

We fixed it the ability, to create as we want, and always in the restrictions that exist.

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